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The CPAP machine is the basic ventilation therapy system. CPAP means continuous positive airway pressure. Being the standard breathing therapy utility, the CPAP machine is less expensive but also less convenient than more advanced models. Because CPAP sends a constant air stream to the patient, it is more comfortable during inhalation than during exhalation, when the user must exhale against the constant stream of air. This system can cause breathing difficulties for some users, and can wake patients periodically during the night. AutoPAP (also known as AutoSet) includes an algorithm that tracks patient breathing patterns and lowers air pressure during exhalation. Because of this, it can be substantially more comfortable than standard CPAP (and even more so with BiPAP), but takes time to analyze patient breathing patterns and adjust accordingly. Thus, breathing can be somewhat difficult in the beginning as the machine attempts to predict when inhalation and exhalation will occur, which can take about  2-3 minutes for the adjustment. Also, when breathing patterns change during the night, whether slowing or speeding up, the AutoPAP system takes a moment to adjust. As patients wait between adjustments, the machine will maintain the previous rhythm. In general, the AutoPAP system can keep patients comfortable enough for sustained periods of uninterrupted sleep, but still may wake them during adjustments.  BiPAP machines are the most advanced breathing therapy devices available. The BiPAP system has two different pressure settings - one for inhaling and one for exhaling - and it continues to monitor patient breathing patterns on a breath-by-breath basis. Thus, the BiPAP system makes immediate adjustments upon first breath, and is practically unnoticeable to the patient. Due to this level of real-time response and accommodation, BiPAP offers a very natural feeling that is easy for most users to become accustomed to. Once you try BiPAP for yourself, you may find it difficult to return to the more basic systems.
Are you tired or fatigued much of the time? Do you catch yourself snoring, choking, or waking suddenly from sleep? Sleep Apnea could be the culprit. Sleep Apnea is a condition involving lapses in breathing during sleep, and is usually due to airway collapse occurring in the nose or throat. This is a problem, like many sleep disorders, because sustained period of sleep are crucial for health and survival. People with sleep apnea can wake up over twenty times an hour and think that they slept normally during the night. Since sleep must be sustained for long periods of time in order to be restorative, a number of problems can occur when it fails to last, beginning with excessive sleepiness and fatigue. Cognitive and mental problems often follow, leading to concentration, emotional mutability, short temper or excessive irritability, and slowed reaction time, which increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents.
CPAP - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure BiPAP or Bi-Level - Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure APAP - Automatic Positive Airway Pressure OSA - Obstructive Sleep Apnea (most common) CSA - Central Sleep Apnea - Absence of airflow and inspiratory effort; apnea caused by irregularity in the brain's control of breathing, etc. Apnea - of course, i.e. oxygen no longer received in the airway. Hypopnea - (and other stages, if needed) Apnea index (AI) - A measure of the severity of sleep apnea (i.e. number of event per hour REM - Rapid eye movement Pressure Unit - The unit of measure used for PAP machines, measure in centimeters of water pressure (cm H20) Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) - Certification by a physician that the prescribed item(s) is/are medically indicated, reasonable and necessary with reference to the standards of medical practice and treatment (not same as prescription but useful for online purchases, etc.) Anti-asphyxia Valve (AAV) - a safety feature stopping flow in the event of a problem Complex Sleep Apnea (CompSA) a form of sleep apnea where central apneas continue during attempts to treat obstructive apneas Easy-Breathe technology - air delivery technology, mimics your natural breathing patterns Full Face Masks - a type of mask that covers both the nose and mouth, versus Nasal Masks Nasal Pillows, which rest at the entrance to the nose Humidifier - humidifiers heat the air flowing from the machine (also called Climate Control) Inspiration/Expiration - refers to breathing inward/outward, either naturally or via therapy machine Mixed Apnea - mixture of both obstructive and central sleep apnea Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) - standard term for breathing therapies Pressure port - parts in the mask where oxygen tubes or pressure lines are connected Rainout - moisture in the tubing or mask Ventilation - process of airflow into and out of lungs
Yes, the masks that we sell are all complete with the pillows, tubing, headgear, etc. Once you purchase the mask, you do not need to buy any additional parts.
During cool months of the year, when the temperature in the room drops, moisture from the humidifier could condensate on the hose and in the mask, irritating the user's skin and even getting in the way of breathing, creating a chocking effect. To prevent the condensation from forming, a heated tube is used. It keeps the temperature in the tube slightly higher than in unheated tubes, but enough for the right amount of moisture to be delivered to the mask.
It will work anywhere in the world - in Australia, South Korea, France, Russia, Great Britain, etc. All CPAP machines come with universal power supplies that work with wide variety of voltages from 100V to 240V (50-60Hz). You would just need to replace a power cord for the one with correct plug. Power cords are widely available and dirt cheap.
A humidifier adds water to the air you breath, preventing dry throat and making sleep more comfortable. Users benefit from this when the air in the house is dry - especially during winter when house heating system removes the moisture. It also keeps your throat from being dry. Dry throat develops from miniature cracks that become accessible to bacteria (sore throat).
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